To start my journey to getting fit and getting healthy, I decided to start with the Power 90 program from BeachBody. I choose this one due to the great things I had heard about the P90X and Insanity programs from a few of my coworkers. The transformations that they went through after not only completing these, but repeating them was amazing.

I originally bought the Power 90 program about 4 months ago, planning to do what they did, however before I started, I got discouraged. I knew I had a surgery coming up and so I put my plan on hold. Several months later, I am ready to start.

My goals in this are simple. To lose weight and get into shape. I haven’t been in good physical health really ever in my life. So to say it most simply, this is going to be a challenge. My plan is to restrict my calories to under 2000 per day and to follow the Power 90 daily. If all goes well, within a couple weeks I would like to add a morning walk into the mix as well.

Baby steps though.

Onto today. I managed to watch my food intake so far. Dinner is still to come, however lunch was a sensible turkey sandwich, with apple slices and carrots. Almonds for a mid-afternoon snack. So far so good.

I did my first day with Power 90 and it was as expected. Difficult. However, I had underestimated exactly how difficult it would be. I had to take frequent breaks and am no where near as flexible as I probably should be. I guess that is to be expected though.

Now all I have to do is make it to tomorrow and as they say, keep pressing play.

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